Фондовий ринок США

фондовий ринок США

недавно записав відео, Фондовий ринок США буря вже скоро.

тепер виявляється Tony Robbins теж говорить “The Crash is coming.

АЛЕ послухайте уважніше що він говорить

“Instead of selling, you want to stay. The stock market is the only thing that goes on sale for 50 percent off and everyone panics. A bear market is the greatest opportunity of your life. In two centuries of American history, a bear market is always followed by a bull market,” said Robbins.

Two moves to make when things go south:

1. You have to become an owner not just a consumer. If you own an iPhone, you should own Apple (stock).

2. Understand the power of compounding. Keeping your money in the market will lead to big returns in the long run.